YOU DEserve more attention

We'll help you get it.



DDPR extracts the appealing, sensational, juicy, newsworthy aspects of your project and proactively pitches them to journalists, editors, writers, producers and bloggers. We present those ideas in a vibrant, concrete, intelligent pitch that emphasizes the importance of your project and how it's relevant, timely, and ultimately worth media attention. No restraints, a personalized focus, and full faith that what we choose to push deserves increased press coverage.

You need press attention, so we pursue it within all mediums of mass communication – including social media. Our sole mission is to aggressively seek out press opportunities where available and to create them when there are none. Our objective is generating increased press coverage and word of mouth. We appreciate quality writing and pay close attention to language when drafting your news release and press materials. It’s something we like to overthink.  

We don’t simply write a press release, hit send and hope for the best.  We are proactive. We construct solid pieces of communication tailored to the media professionals who have the power to assign press coverage and then follow-up with individual phone calls and e-mails, because even in 2018, there’s still a human being behind every laptop, touch Pad or smart phone.

Understanding the everyday concerns and constraints of journalists, editors, and producers is key to effectively pitching any project or individual. Each has their own specific preference as to how and what they are approached with - so we make it our business to know what they cover, what they want, when they want it and how they want it. We don’t pressure. We pursue - in a professional, respectful and effective way.

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MEDIA breakdown

Long-lead media (tourist, theater and general entertainment publications) that cover news, attractions, theater and general entertainment. ·         

Short-lead media (daily and weekly) that cover news, culture, attractions, music, theater and general entertainment.

Broadcast media (TV and radio) that cover news, culture, attractions, music, theater and general entertainment.

Online media (websites, blogs and microblogs) that cover news, culture, lifestyle, attractions, theater and general entertainment.

Daniel has the imagination many publicists lack. Not only has he dug deep to find new and interesting angles to pursue, but he has heart.
— Barbara Hoffman, Arts editor at New York Post